4 Reasons Personal Projects Are Vital

“When was the last time you created something you were passionate about?” When working in the creative field, you want to be passionate about what you are putting out to the public. You want the public to see your style and creativity come out through that and what better way […]


September in Review

Looking back at September, so many exciting things have happened. 12Eighty-One is so happy to help individuals and companies launch forward to their goals. With each brand, we continue to strive towards creating their specific character and image they would like to share with the world. Whether this be through […]


Local Versus Stock

“You don’t want what one will do, you want spectacular, amazing.” –Robin Wilson When you are in charge of the marketing area for a major company, it can be overwhelming looking at hundreds of the same stock photos trying to decide which one gets to be on the website. Looking […]


What is Your Why?

“People don’t buy WHAT you do, but HOW you do it.” –Simon Sinek Why? Often times people do not know how to answer that question and choose to ignore it. Why do you choose to wear that shirt? Why did you choose to start your coffee company? Why is Apple […]

Night Sky-5 2

Brand Imagery

What is it we have always been told about first impressions? How aware are we as people when meeting someone else for the first time or even following someone on Twitter? Often times individuals are not aware of the little mannerisms or the little details that can make or break […]

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The Art of Revision

Id like to start off by thanking Parker I am grateful for your help with this project. My first thought with this project were to create something that is out of the norm for me. I have a pretty standard 12Eighty-One look and feel with post production. The typical 12Eighty-One […]

Compelling buildings found on Pitt State campus.

Pittsburg State University has an excellent technology program housed in this brilliant building. Recently I had the pleasure of photographing this building. The designers of this great facility not only have offices in Wichita, KS. but in Austin, TX. and Albuquerque, NM. If you’re curious about seeing more of their […]

Your Story: Parker Richardson

Ive been wanting to work with Parker for a few years now. A few years back there was the prospect of photographing a band he used to work in, however that champaign never took shape before they all moved on to different projects. So when Parker finally made his way […]

Your Story: Small batch

So this is coming closely on the heels of my last post, however this will be brief. (hints the name )   As you know, I am a commercial and architectural photographer by passion and trade, senior photos are not something I do. However, in the name of keeping this […]